Director of Social Media: CRONKITE RUNDOWN

Cronkite Rundown is a news show focused on local/national news, entertainment, and sports coverage. The brand new ASU student organization was created earlier this year by fellow members of my graduate cohort, Amanda Mason and Chelsea Chiapuzio.

Having completed our first semester at Cronkite, we wanted to continue building the necessary skills to succeed in the media industry today. The best way to do this? Hands-on experience producing our own show in Cronkite’s state-of-the-art facilities.

Margaret Naczek, Lindsey Clinkingbeard, and Arturo Spell on set of Cronkite Rundown


As the Director of PR + Social Media for Cronkite Rundown, I worked to develop a quality website and create unique content for our multiple social media channels in order to promote our show. During our news production you could often find me live-tweeting our shows, posting behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram, and assisting the producers with audio and camera equipment.

I truly enjoyed being a part of the Cronkite Rundown team this semester. Now that we’ve wrapped up the semester, it is great to see each team member move on to their new endeavors.

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